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Posted: February 25, 2015 in College Leadership

Director of Development

THE COLLEGE:  Central Christian College is dedicated to educating men and women of character who impact the world for Christ. Our mission statement is a reaffirmation of that seminal goal. It is an uncomplicated and clear-cut reminder of the ethos that has inspired this institution since its inception. This mission drives us forward to higher levels of excellence and distinction. Through our residential program centrally located in McPherson, Kansas, and through our global online learning environment, Central Christian College is dedicated to providing a Christ-centered education for character.


The Offices of Development and College Advancement articulate the critical role of private philanthropy and the vast opportunities for voluntary support of Central Christian College.  The Office is charged with maximizing the financial gift support to the institution by seeking private contributions in order to increase the margin of excellence of its educational and research programs. The Office is committed to offering exceptional fundraising services, knowledge, and counsel to donors, prospective donors, and the leadership of the Institution.

Duties of a Development Officer / Director

  1. Responsible for managing and coordinating fund-raising for institutional priorities. In this capacity, he or she works closely with leadership in establishing private funding priorities and advises them on trends in the philanthropic world, which affect organizational priorities. Responsible for developing, in concert with others Development Directors, a sound development plan and set of procedures, to insure good working relationships within the entire Development Team.
  2. Generate a minimum return on investment of two-times salary, benefits, and expenses after one year in position, and five-times salary and benefits after three years in position.
  3. Annually write an engagement plan for the top 75 donors and prospects within assigned portfolio. Weekly electronically annotate and keep track of giving prospects and donor engagements that will enhance the relationship between Development Officer and donor. Weekly make phone calls to donors and perspective donors seeking their support for Central Christian College.
  4. Creatively seek alignment between each donor and prospect’s vision that will advance Central Christian College education. Ensure donor’s vision and Central Christian College are in alignment in written gift invitation proposals and corresponding face-to-face meetings with donors and prospects.
  5. Participate with the Gift Development Officer team in identifying and engaging potential leadership and major gift donors for each strategic campaign initiative that advances a Central Christian College education.
  6. Responsible for coordinating and managing the relationship of the institution with corporations, foundations and individuals from who funds are sought for various programs and projects. Must possess and maintain an understanding of current philanthropic and public relations interests of individuals, foundations or corporations, acquired through regular contact with those individuals and organizations. In turn, he or she maintains the necessary relations to keep the institution’s name and achievements alive in the minds of individuals, corporate, foundation executives and board members. Serve as a positive ambassador for Central Christian College
  7. Responsible for researching the highly competitive development business. Understanding the changing goals and interests of corporate and philanthropy foundations allows the institution to respond to shifting priorities, and to develop dormant contributors into active supporters. The long-term advantage of this research provides the senior leadership team to obtain a clearer sense of what kinds of programs might reasonably be expected to receive funding (and at what levels) from corporate and foundation sources, thus facilitating financial planning within the institution.
  8. Maintains contact with donors after receipt of contributions, to include preparing acknowledgements and sending letters / notes of appreciation.
  9. Helps with the preparation and implementation of the Annual Business Event. Expected to work with other Development Directors to plan event and follow-up with those in attendance seeking their continual support.
  10. Performs other duties as assigned by the V.P. / Chief Development Officer.


Requirements for Position

  1. Committed Christian who exhibits the Fruit of the Spirit described in the Bible: Galatians 5:22-23. A person with a passion for life and willingness to support the mission and vision of Central Christian College: Christ Centered Education for Character.
  2. Experiential knowledge of the principles, practices and techniques of oral/written communications and interpersonal relations skills in order to determine the most effective method to present proposals, persuade prospects to accept suggestions and proposals, and to foster effective relationships between funding sources and the institution.
  3. Comprehensive analytical skills and experience to assess the salability of proposals and potential reactions of prospects to proposals, and to development recommendations for stimulating interest in the organization’s program.
  4. Creative skills and experience in producing innovative written materials to stimulate interest on the part of potential funding sources / donors who may be indifferent to organizational objectives.
  5. Skill in relating the needs of the institution to individuals and giving potential funding sources programs / institutional projects that create financial support for Central Christian College.
  6. Must also be able to conceive, develop, and prepare plans, strategy and methods to be used to achieve desired goals and outcomes. Proficient with computer use and social media.
  7. Physically able to travel and has a valid drivers license. Travel to other cities is a regular part of the duties. In addition, considerable work is performed sitting at a desk, making phone calls, preparing for meetings with perspective financial donors. Therefore it is key to keep yourself in good physical, mental and emotional health in order to perform your job well.    McPherson, KS 67460Central Christian College 


You may fax your information to 620.241.3529, or scan and e-mail to: A resume will not be accepted unless it is accompanied by a letter of interest and signed Central Christian job application. The College reserves the right to fill the position as circumstances warrant.

Development & College Advancement Office

1200 S. Main, PO Box 1403

TO APPLY: Submit a Central Christian College application, resume, letter of interest and statement of faith to:

REPORTS TO: Vice Pres. / Chief Development Officer

COMPENSATION: $32,000 – $40,000.00 depending on experience; competitive benefits: sick leave; holidays; health, dental, life, disability insurance; retirement plan option; and tuition remission.


Posted: September 26, 2014 in College Leadership

The Development and Alumni Relations department of Central Christian College of Kansas is pleased to welcome Daniel Schwindt to our team as a Director of Development, who officially joined the Development team on Monday, September 8th. Daniel will be focusing his efforts on the Annual Fund & Athletic Fund Drive.

Daniel, a graduate of Liberty University, received his Bachelors of Science in Religion. He and his wife, Lindsey, reside in the city of McPherson, where Daniel grew up with his brother and three sisters, all of whom were educated at home through elementary school.

He is also an editor for the webzine, Solidarity Hall, and is the author of several published books. Daniel is proficient with IT solutions, writing, and has recent experience working in sales. He will make a good addition to the Development Office and our Central College Team.

For more information about Daniel visit him on:



My new position as the V.P. for College Advancement at Central Christian College of Kansas has proven to be an exciting ride so far. One of the pieces that I have been able to put into place is the hiring of a new Director of Alumni and Family Relations. This is a position that is important to the college; not just for past students, but for current students as they look forward to graduating and growing after Central.

It is my pleasure to announce that Rochelle Cecil has taken up the post as the Director of Alumni and Family Relations here at Central.  Most recently, Rochelle served as the Athletic and Transfer Coordinator in Admissions where she has held this position since February.

Prior to her work at Central, Rochelle graduated from Houghton College, a small, Christian liberal arts college in the hamlet of Houghton, New York. At Houghton, Rochelle studied English and Communications and recently graduated with her Bachelor of Arts. She grew up just 30 miles east of McPherson in Hillsboro, Kansas.

She brings to the table knowledge of social media, video editing, and graphic design, as well as a history of speaking with Alumni and supporters of colleges through her work with Houghton’s team.

Rochelle has held a wide variety of leadership positions from supervisor at Phonathon, to resident assistant, to class president, giving her the right mix of knowledge and experience to lead the alumni of Central into better relationships.

In her new position, Rochelle will work to establish and renew relationships with our alumni and other friends of Central, as well as plan events to bring alumni back to campus. Her education and experiences bring to the college a unique understanding of communications and organizational planning that will assist the Development Team to reach a larger target audience.

“I’m excited to see the relationships that I’ll be able to build with the families and alumni of Central,” Rochelle said. “I can’t wait to see what comes out of new bridges and paths that are yet to be forged in this area.”

President Hoxie Announces

New Chief of Development

At Central Christian College of Kansas

Team CCC

I am pleased to introduce Robert J. Legg as our new Chief Development Officer. Robert will join the Central Christian College team this summer and will immediately begin overseeing College Advancement and Alumni Relations.

Mr. Legg is a proven leader and public speaker with more than 30 years experience. From 1990 through 2007 he was the lead pastor of a sizable congregation that experienced significant growth under his leadership. During this same timeframe, Robert served on the board of directors for Lake Stevens Chamber of Commerce, and was involved with both the City and School District in strategic planning, fundraising and development.

In 2008 Robert was hired by the Air Force and Dept. of Defense to be a part of a strategic task force to study and ultimately combine two military installations into one super base. Fort Lewis and McChord Air Force Base became Joint Base Lewis-McChord. Robert’s unique negotiating and communication skills became invaluable in transforming the various departments, agencies, and teams into a joint military base with more than 70,000 military and civilian personnel.

As a Lt. Colonel, Robert served as the Wing Chaplain for the 446th Air Wing at McChord Field, Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM). Washington. He was responsible for the management and oversight of the Chaplain Corps function, providing for the free exercise of religion for over 2,100 Reservist and civilian personnel on McChord Field. Chaplain Legg advised commanders on spiritual, ethical, moral, morale and religious accommodation issues.

In 2011 Robert and his wife Loralei moved to Redmond OR, where he has served as the Lead Pastor of Mountain View Fellowship Church. Robert is often asked to speak at conferences and seminars where he teaches and encourages others to live more effective and productive lives. His passion for God and life are both contagious and inspirational. He and his wife Loralei have been married for 30 years and have three young adult children.

God Bless,

Hal Hoxie

Central Christian College


Posted: April 29, 2014 in College Leadership

Friends – I have accepted a leadership position with Central Christian College of Kansas.

July of 2013 I was asked by George Fox University President and Vice President of Development to prayerfully consider joining the G.F.U. Team. After prayer and thoughtful consideration, it became clear it was not God’s timing for me to leave Mountain View Fellowship Church.

Approximately three months ago I was asked by Dave Jeffery and Hal Hoxie (President of Central Christian College) to consider joining the Central Christian College team. Over the last three months Loralei and I have prayerfully discussed what this looks like and whether we should walk through this door. I came to the conclusion that this was not coincidental that a second Christian college has asked me to join their leadership team. Therefore I have walked through with great care this open door to try and discern how to proceed. After numerous discussions with Central Christian College leadership, and a clear sense of being able to bring strategic leadership to the campus and staff of the college, I believe I need to make myself available to Central Christian College. This is a critical time for Christian colleges and universities in our nation, and my spiritual gifts, leadership experiences, and understanding of higher education suggest I will be a significant asset to our Free Methodist colleges.

Therefore, after considerable prayer and numerous family discussions, I have decided to resign as the Lead Pastor from Mountain View Fellowship Church and move in this new ministry direction helping our Free Methodist College. Following the Oregon Annual Conference in June, Loralei and I will begin the final transition to Central Christian College. Until then Superintendent Chris Hill, under the guidance of Bishop Matt Thomas, will be working together to identify my replacement. Chris will guide MVF Church through my transition and the hiring of a new lead pastor.

Loralei and I appreciate your prayers as we take on this new leadership position. This is a huge move for Loralei and I, and we feel the weight of our decision daily as we prayerfully walk through it. We are leaning into God’s hands as He guides us and we trust His orchestration of how this all fits together. We want you to know we have appreciated your love and friendship shown to us in these last years. As we continue to serve our Free Methodist Family, please know we value your friendship and desire to stay in relationship with you. Our hearts and home are open to you.

With love and respect,

Robert Legg


Posted: February 20, 2014 in Life Applications

When the Lord returns, He wants to find His servants doing a good job with the things He has entrusted to them. Being good stewards of our time, resources, and our God-given talents is what is expected of our lives. From the beginning, mankind was given the task of being good stewards for what God provided. 

Robert Morris, author of the book titled, The Blessed Life, ask the question, “When the Lord returns, will he find you being a good and faithful steward? Are you doing the best with what God has given you? Do you know where your money is going every month? Are you tithing, giving, witnessing and praying?”

The question asked by Morris is, are we generous people, following the example and teachings of Jesus the Christ? God is a generous God and He expects us to live as generous people.

What does GENEROSITY look like? It begins with a heart of gratitude, then expressed through living a thankful life. From giving to the local church, to Christian Higher Educational, ministry to the poor, to reaching across the oceans, generosity is willing to give without strings attached. GENEROSITY is putting yourself in a position where and when God reveals a need, you’re able to respond in a timely manner.

GENEROUS people find joy is helping others, knowing God will continue to provide the means to be a conduit of resources. In other words, when we stop giving to others, then God sees you’re not being a good steward and limits what you would otherwise be given. If we don’t steward / manage well what we have, then how can God trust us with even more? Jesus said, “For everyone who has will be given more, and he will have abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him” (Matthew 25:29). If we are NOT good stewards and we do NOT practice generosity then the Lord God cannot trust us more.

Therefore, GENEROSITY begins in the heart and is expressed through letting go of what we have so we can truly invest in Kingdom things. The amazing thing of all this, when we let go and give, it is then that God replenishes what has been given away. We become the conduit, the river by which great resources flow.

So the question I have for you, does your GENEROSITY trickle like a stream, or flow like a raging river by which great things are accomplished through you?