BAM, Stepping Into The GAP

Posted: November 7, 2017 in Business

Business as Ministry (BAM) is seeing ourselves as a business leader stepping into the Gap of conversation with other leaders to share the Good News of Jesus. In other words, as business leaders we have the opportunity and privilege to bring truth and hope that goes well beyond our money and assets.

The Bible records Jesus the Christ using parables (short stories) and metaphors to explain spiritual truths. One of these metaphors are found in Matthew 5:13-16 using Salt and Light to explain the role of Christians in the world. Jesus shares with us that we are Salt and we are Light. Salt seasons, preserves, flavors, and enhances those things it touches. Light illuminates everything surrounding it, bringing a sense of comfort, revealing clarity, hope, direction, and revelation. As Christians our lifestyle, our words, and our business dealings are to be Salt and Light to those we surround ourselves with.

For those of us who are business owners and leaders within the business community, let’s think about what it might look like if we took seriously BAM – Business as Mission; bringing Jesus into the midst of all we do. Do we have practices of business that need to change? Is our personal character, integrity, lifestyle needing to be adjusted? Do we walk through conversational doors that open up to us about spiritual truth, sharing our faith with our co-workers, employees, and other business leaders and friends? I ask these questions because someday we will all stand before the judgement seat of God answering for our actions, words, and personal faith in Jesus. Wouldn’t it be great if we could say to the Lord God we were faithful and good stewards of the opportunities that came our way! Seeing our Business as Mission gives to each of us a purpose beyond just making more money. It’s allows us to make an eternal difference in a hurting world.

If you have not already, ask yourself today how you might begin to Step into the Gap, and live a BAM lifestyle. Be blessed.

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Posted: November 18, 2016 in Business, Church, Life Applications

There is much to be said about leadership, how to lead, who to lead, when to lead, who to keep close when leading, leadership culture, developing leaders around you, etc. But eventually one comes to a place in life that leadership legacy questions emerge and the heart and mind transitions from being in front of the leadership pack, to who are those I’m preparing to lead in the next generation?

What’s Next is about asking the right questions of self.
• Am I going to leave a legacy?
• What is my legacy?
• Who will carry on my hopes, dreams, priorities I have given my life to?
• How do I instill a leadership culture around me that lives on beyond me?
• Choosing my replacement(s) – who, when, where?
• Keeping the main thing the main thing; passion and priorities handed down.

For those of you who have already addressed the above questions; may your life continue to be enriched and blessed. For the many of you who may just be beginning to ask the What’s Next questions, feel free to reach out to me for an honest dialogue. I may be able to assist you and your team as you position yourself and the next generation of leaders for the inevitable transition before you.

I leave you with this last thought. The Bible informs us that we are like a vapor, here today and gone tomorrow. Life is brief. When we focus more on those leaders coming behind us vs. what are we doing to leave a mark in the sand of history, there are those who will continue to write the story we have begun.


Posted: December 23, 2015 in Business, Life Applications

Marketplace Chaplains

Companies are hiring chaplains. Chaplains provide:

• Life Skills Coaching
• Leadership Mentoring
• Godly Wise Counsel
• Crisis Intervention
• Encouragement
• Staff Support
• Conflict Resolution
• Words of Life

Quote from the Bloomberg Business:

The Rise of the Corporate Chaplain, August 23, 2012

“Workplace chaplains can be found at more than 1,000 companies in the U.S. and Canada. These chaplains are a rising regiment of corporate America’s human-resources army, as employers have found that a pastoral touch is often more appealing to workers than an impersonal hotline of the sort included in many benefits packages. A 2008 study by the Families and Work Institute found that more than 97 percent of companies with payrolls larger than 5,000 offer employee assistance programs, with anonymous counseling and referrals available by phone. Yet employees are “dramatically” more likely to use workplace chaplains than standard mental-health benefits, according to preliminary results from an ongoing study by David Miller and Faith Ngunjiri of Princeton University’s Faith & Work Initiative. At least half of 1,000 employees surveyed have used the services of a workplace chaplain—far more than those who use standard assistance programs.”

CROSSWALK Ministries

Posted: November 10, 2015 in Church, Life Applications

CROSSWALK Ministries is a new church in Omaha, NE. This is not just another church, but a ministry helping the business community and leadership development in the U.S. and into the world beginning with Costa Rica.


Committed To Faithfulness

Posted: February 25, 2015 in College Leadership


Posted: February 20, 2014 in Life Applications

When the Lord returns, He wants to find His servants doing a good job with the things He has entrusted to them. Being good stewards of our time, resources, and our God-given talents is what is expected of our lives. From the beginning, mankind was given the task of being good stewards for what God provided. 

Robert Morris, author of the book titled, The Blessed Life, ask the question, “When the Lord returns, will he find you being a good and faithful steward? Are you doing the best with what God has given you? Do you know where your money is going every month? Are you tithing, giving, witnessing and praying?”

The question asked by Morris is, are we generous people, following the example and teachings of Jesus the Christ? God is a generous God and He expects us to live as generous people.

What does GENEROSITY look like? It begins with a heart of gratitude, then expressed through living a thankful life. From giving to the local church, to Christian Higher Educational, ministry to the poor, to reaching across the oceans, generosity is willing to give without strings attached. GENEROSITY is putting yourself in a position where and when God reveals a need, you’re able to respond in a timely manner.

GENEROUS people find joy is helping others, knowing God will continue to provide the means to be a conduit of resources. In other words, when we stop giving to others, then God sees you’re not being a good steward and limits what you would otherwise be given. If we don’t steward / manage well what we have, then how can God trust us with even more? Jesus said, “For everyone who has will be given more, and he will have abundance. Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him” (Matthew 25:29). If we are NOT good stewards and we do NOT practice generosity then the Lord God cannot trust us more.

Therefore, GENEROSITY begins in the heart and is expressed through letting go of what we have so we can truly invest in Kingdom things. The amazing thing of all this, when we let go and give, it is then that God replenishes what has been given away. We become the conduit, the river by which great resources flow.

So the question I have for you, does your GENEROSITY trickle like a stream, or flow like a raging river by which great things are accomplished through you?

In a recent article readily available on the Internet you can read 20 Different Habits Between the Wealthy and Poor. These are not situational wealthy or poor where people were born into a life-situation, but life choices commonly made that differ between the more wealthy vs. the poor. From the list provided I would like to draw our attention to a few noteworthy findings in the list of top 20 habits:

#2       80% of wealthy are focused on accomplishing some single goal. Only 12% of the poor do this.

#3       76% of wealthy exercise aerobically 4 days a week. Only 23% of poor do this.

#5       81% of wealthy maintain a to-do list vs. 19% for poor.

#9       67% of wealthy write down their goals vs. 17% of poor do this.

#10     88% of wealthy read 30 minutes or more each day for education or career reasons vs. only 2% of poor read daily.

#14     6% of wealthy watch reality TV vs. 78% for poor.

#16     74% of wealthy teach good daily success habits to their children vs. 1% of poor.

#19     86% of wealthy believe in life-long educational self-improvement vs. 5% of poor.

My point is this, if you want to have a successful 2014 it will depend greatly upon the everyday choices you make. For over 25 years I have taken the time to write down annual goals that are measurable. I have never met all my goals, but often times I have met most of my goals because I have given them priority in my life. Typically I divide my goals into five (5) major categories: Personal, Physical, Professional, Spiritual, and Financial. I have also included a reading list of books I want to read over the course of the year. If you are not currently doing this, I encourage you to begin this year taking the time to write down your personal 2014 goals, then sharing them with a trusted friend.

Allow me to leave you with a couple thoughts from the Bible:

Psalm 90:12 “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.” (Prayer of Moses)

Colossians 3:23-24 “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for men, since you know that you will receive an inheritance from the Lord as a reward. It is the Lord Christ you are serving.” (Apostle Paul)